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Simple and intuitive web and mobile applications designed to achieve real business results.

Web Application Development

Strategic App Development For B2B Applications Of All Shapes & Sizes

Application development for the B2B space is unique and challenging. B2B application users expect a fast, efficient, and intuitive user experience. Every second counts in B2B environments and our team has extensive experience designing and developing complex web applications that simplify everyday tasks from managing leads and inventory to streamlining logistics or simplifying sales for our B2B customers.

Web Application Development

Why Zipline Is The Right Partner For Your B2B Application Development Project...

Clean & Professional Coding

Our B2B app development team uses modern coding standards to create clean, efficient, and easy to follow code.

Detailed Documentation

All of the code, features, and functions are clearly documented providing you with ultimate flexibility in growing and adapting your application.

U.S. Based Development

Our development team is entirely based in the United States and is available for communication and collaboration.

Agile Development Process

We utilize agile best practices to help streamline the development process while maximizing the quality of the final product.

Extensive B2B Experience

We have extensive experience creating simple and intuitive user interfaces and software systems to solve complex B2B business problems.

Complete Transparency

You have full visibility into the process and progress of your application so you know exactly where development is at any time.

A Process That Guarantees The Success Of Your B2B Application

Step 1


Developing a detailed understanding of the project goals, business objectives, and user needs.

Step 2


Detailed planning, scoping, and wireframing of the application and functional components.

Step 3


UX/UI designing and coding of all user interfaces and functional components of the application.

Step 4


Automated and manual testing of all features and functions in all possible use cases.

Step 5


Assistance in deploying the application publicly to users through web servers or app stores.

B2B Applications For Every Platform And Screen

No matter how your users interact with your product, tools, and services, our development team has you covered.

Desktop Applications

Complex B2B software applications designed to run on desktop computers and other devices.

Web Applications

 Flexible, responsive web application solutions designed to operate standalone or embedded directly in your website.

Mobile Applications

Portable mobile applications installed directly on your customer, vendor, or employee’s Android or iOS device.

Leveraging the latest application development technologies

When investing in a custom B2B application two of the most common concerns are flexibility and viability. We utilize the latest and greatest technologies to ensure that your application will be tremendously flexible and adaptable as your business grows and adapts.

In addition, we use the most popular modern coding frameworks and platforms to ensure that every application we develope will have a long-term codebase, developer, and framework support significantly extending the lifespan of your application. 

You can rest assured that when you invest in a custom B2B application from Zipline you will have a safe, secure, and stable platform for your business for many years to come.

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Types of B2B Applications We Build

Over the years we have developed a number of custom software systems and complex integrations.

Custom integrations between systems and/or the development of custom APIs for your customers and vendors to leverage your data, tools, and systems. 

Development of custom inventory systems and/or direct integration of 3rd party inventory systems or ERP systems with e-commerce or product based website solutions.

Tools designed to track data, vehicles and information, and report on data and efficiency.

Proprietary systems and solutions to track unique customer information and data.

Data visualization, custom metrics, and custom dashboards design to help find and report on efficiency. 

Interfaces, tools, and platforms to streamline internal and external communication in B2B environments.

Tools designed to help your customers build, customize, and price orders in real-time. 

Courses, tools, and certification tests designed to help train your workforce, customers, or vendors.

Let’s Explore Your Custom Application Needs

Our skilled development team is standing by and ready to help solve your business problem.

Every business is unique. Our team will meet with you to better understand your needs and work to create a custom plan and proposal to meet your unique needs.

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