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We help B2B companies leverage a proven marketing process to connect with their ideal prospects and turn them into their ideal customers.

Zipline Is The Right Agency If...

Put Your Ad Directly In Front of your Customer

Zipline partners with the largest and highest traffic advertising exchanges in the world. We can strategically target and deploy your message to nearly anyone on the web through our advertising partners.

You’ll Love Working With Zipline If You…

Appreciate the Power of Data

Data helps drive every decision we make. If you believe in the power of leveraging data and metrics, then we’re the right partner.

Love to Win

Our team is laser-focused on winning big for our clients.Losing is not an option.

Are an Innovator

The marketplace is always evolving and what used to work doesn’t necessarily work today. We’re always testing and implementing new ideas and strategies to move clients forward.

We Tell Your Brand Story

Your content helps you cut through the noise. It gives your company a voice. It connects with your prospects and tells them who you are, what you do, what you believe in. No matter what type of content you need to create our team can help.

Blog Writing

High-quality, engaging, and keyword-rich content designed to attract, engage, inform, and convert your website, visitors, into customers.


Drive your visitors into your sales funnel with interesting and intriguing content resources that inspire and challenge them to think bigger and think differently.

White Papers

Showcase exactly what you know with deep, informative pieces of content that connect and engage your audience.

Case Studies

Highlight your past successes and validate your capabilities with detailed case studies that dive deep into the value you bring to the table.

Website Content

Detailed and engaging website messaging that effectively shares your brand story and highlights the key attributes of your products and services.

Email Marketing

Creation of compelling and insightful marketing emails, transactional content, and newsletters that connect with your prospects.


Content creation, design, and illustration of fun and interactive infographics, charts, and tables that visually tell your brand story.


Connect with your customers, vendors, and prospects at any time and in any place with podcast content and interviews designed to make your audience think.

Photography & Video Production

Rich content that engages your audience and brings your brand story to life, allowing your prospects to see, hear, and feel your brand.

Not sure how to start? Let’s create a B2B Marketing Blueprint

If you’re looking for a fresh B2B marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure where to start the B2B Marketing Blueprint is the perfect place to begin. This highly personalized experience connects your sales, marketing, and leadership teams directly with our top strategists. During this 2-week experience, we will work together to analyze current data, identify key opportunities, and bust through any roadblocks holding you back. 

Leadership Team

When you partner with Zipline you’re hiring a team of b2b marketing experts, software engineers, UI experts and creative strategists that have a single purpose, taking your business to the next level.

Shawn Davis

Shawn Davis

Creative Strategist

Ryan Stemkoski, MBA

Ryan Stemkoski, MBA

Creative Technologist

Kraig Lutz

Kraig Lutz

Chief of Operations

Emma Tilbury

Emma Tilbury

Office Manager

Brandon Perdue

Brandon Perdue

Senior Developer

You’ll Know if We’re the Right Fit After a Single Conversation.
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