Pay-Per-Click Management

Drastically increase your traffic and sales through strategic paid online advertising.


Target Your Ideal Customer

The best time to convert a prospect into a customer is when they’re interested in buying what you’re selling.

Whether you’re an online retailer, a B2B product or service company, or a direct to consumer business one thing holds true, there is no better way to reach new prospects than through online advertising. Using popular exchanges like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, and Linkedin Ads our team can strategically put your business in front of your ideal prospects at the perfect point in time.

We have the tools, experience, and relationships to create highly-targeted campaigns that maximize the number of leads and overall profit from each advertising dollar spent.


More Than 75% Of PPC Ad Spend Is Wasted
There Is A Better Approach

Our proven data-driven methodology can help maximize your return on ad spend.

Just about anyone can throw a few ads online today but very few are truly successful. Even campaigns that seem to be working often can be drastically improved. The best way to consistently beat your competitors, especially in highly competitive B2B markets, is to leverage data to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising spend and that is exactly what we do.  

We monitor every ad, keyword, campaign, and dollar spent to understand exactly what is working and what is not. This approach allows us to quickly and efficiently shift your advertising spend to the most effective campaigns.


Enterprise-Level Analytics

Through enterprise-level data collection and analytics you can see exactly which ads, campaigns, and keywords are driving traffic and leads.
Landing Page Icon

Focused Landing Pages

Data-driven design and optimization of landing page experiences based on proven messages and concepts.
Progressive Conversion Optimization Icon

Progressive Conversion Optimization

Constant monitoring of conversion data allows for continual improvement and enhancement of the advertisements and funnel experiences.
Campaign Iteration Icon

Campaign Iteration

Constantly introduce new ads and messages based on data-proven concepts and ideas that are already working and eliminate anything that is less efficient.

Put Your Ad Directly In Front Of Your Customer

Zipline partners with the largest and highest traffic advertising exchanges in the world. We can strategically target and deploy your message to nearly anyone on the web through our advertising partners.

Get The Right Ad To The Right Customer At The Right Point In The Funnel

One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make, especially B2B advertisers, is using online advertising generically and ineffectively. Simply grabbing a few keywords and throwing money at Google Search Ads is more likely to result in disappointment than leads. Exchanges like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn have a variety of ad types, styles, and targeting methodologies. When deployed effectively, these methodologies can help your business laser-target the right prospect at the right point in time. Used ineffectively, they can waste tens of thousands of dollars and erode brand equity with your prospect.

Our skilled advertising team will work with you to create an advertising strategy that blends ads across multiple ad types and exchanges to help attract your ideal prospect and convert them into your ideal customer.

Get top placement on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the keywords your prospects are searching for to find your products and services.

Show visual advertisements to highly targeted users based on what they’re looking at, their recent search history, or their personal demographics and interests.

Show advertisements to prospects who recently searched for your keywords, visited a particular product or service on your website, or are currently in the market for your product or service.

Advertise to prospects based on where they are. Run strategic advertisements to users that are currently shopping at your store or even headed into one of your competitors.

Get in front of your prospects on popular social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Promote your products, services, and video content on YouTube. Put your message directly in front of your ideal prospects while they’re researching similar products or services.

Detailed Reporting

Know exactly how many leads, phone calls, and sales are generated from your pay-per-click advertising with detailed reporting.

Review & Approve

You can see, test, and experience your landing pages ads and messaging and provide feedback before they go live.

Direct Access To Our Team

Get direct access to a Marketing Specialist that will be the primary point person within our agency for your project.

Full Transparency

You have full access to all of your data, analytics, and accounts. There are no restrictions or black boxes in anything we do.

Never Wonder If Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Is Working Again.

One of the biggest complaints against online advertising agencies is that customers often feel like they don’t know what is going on. Often, it is hard to know if the money you’re spending on online advertising is working or not. Are your pay-per-click advertising dollars profitable? Are your Facebook Ads driving leads or is it your Google Ads? With Zipline, you’ll never have to wonder.

Get A Customized Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plan
Our expert online marketing team is standing by and ready to help transform your pay-per-click marketing.

Every business is unique. Our expert online marketing team will meet with you to analyze your online marketing needs. Using the information gathered during this conversation, we will work to develop a customized plan and budget designed to help you reach more customers.

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