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Connect, engage, inform, and inspire your prospects and customers with social media.

The True Power Of Social

Nearly every business is now present on social media in some capacity, even if they don’t know it! Very few leverage social platforms and channels effectively.

To be successful with social media, businesses must actually be social. Social media isn’t simply another platform to blindly push out boring boilerplate content. Social media users think differently, interact differently, and expect a different experience from the businesses they interact with. Social users expect content tailored to them. They expect a two-way conversation. They demand content that inspires and engages them. That is why we exist, to help B2B companies have these types of conversations with their prospects.


We Support The Top B2B Social Media Platforms

There are many social platforms out there, but there are a select few that really move the needle for B2B companies and organizations. We support them all.  

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Organic Social Media Marketing For B2B Companies

Does social work for B2B marketers? If done correctly it certainly can but it is imperative to understand that social media is fundamentally different. Your audience isn’t on social so they can be advertised to, they’re on social media to learn, engage, and connect. Social media marketing for B2B companies must blend seamlessly with this expectation to be successful.

Many B2B marketers get discouraged thinking that social media marketing won’t work for their boring old industry. They aren’t in the entertainment space, they don’t sell clothing, jewelry, or makeup. The reality is, it doesn’t matter. Your customers are there, they just need to be properly engaged. We can help you deploy our proven B2B social strategies. 

Social media users are not interested in boring announcements and press releases, but they do care about cutting-edge technology or life-changing stories. We will connect your business with the world and with your customers through social storytelling.

No matter what you do or what service you provide, there is always opportunity for humor. Reality TV has proven that time and time again. We will bring humor into what you do, what you say, and how you respond and use it to tell a story worth listening to.

Social media loves new ideas and concepts. We can help you create content that makes your customers think and act differently. This type of deeply inspiring content also inspires online sharing.

Your company’s social media brand should reflect its personality. Are you dry, crusty, and boring? No? then your social media shouldn’t be either. We will share what you think and feel with your followers.

Social media is a conversation. It isn’t just a place to shout messages about how great you are. Users expect you to talk, engage, share, and respond. We will make you part of the conversation around your brand and your products and services.

Paid Social Media Advertising For B2B Companies

Leverage employer data, job title, and expertise to create campaigns that speak directly to your target audience. 

Leverage job history, interests, hobbies, demographics, and in-market data to capture relevant users.

Create and place engaging videos and ads that tell your story in front of users that are watching or shopping for what you offer.

Use deep demographic data to share photo and video messages and stories with your customers to help inform and guide them.

Take advantage of deep targeting capabilities to help your audience discover your products and services.

Embrace your customers with interesting and thought-provoking stories and information through short video content.

Create lighthearted and heartwarming experiences that showcase your brand personality and messaging.

Social media has been one of the greatest inventions for B2B companies and markets. The data that is available on your prospects is mind-blowing. We dig deep into where your prospects work, what they do, what they’re shopping for, and what they care about and use this to connect you with your ideal client personas.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook give us tremendous data about where people work and what they do. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter allow us to see what is interesting and inspiring to our ideal prospect personas, and platforms like YouTube allow us to understand what your prospects are asking, exploring, and wondering. Combining these channels will enable you to reach the right prospects at the right point in time.

Our skilled online advertising team can help you create beautiful, interesting, and engaging native advertising experiences for each of these platforms that are designed to connect deeply with your ideal prospects.

Social Media Marketing Is One Element Of A Full Funnel B2B Marketing Program

At Zipline, we have a variety of B2B marketing programs. Whether you’re looking for simple lead generation, want to increase brand awareness amongst your prospects, or want to laser-target strategic accounts, we can develop a custom strategy that will help you maximize your success.


Account-Based Marketing

Land high-value leads by targeting prospects with laser-focused marketing.

Demand Generation

Create an insatiable demand for your products and services.

Inbound Marketing

Use a variety of content and resources to attract the attention of your prospects.

Strategic Lead Generation

Fill your sales pipeline with a steady flow of leads through targeted marketing.

Get A Customized Social Media Strategy
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Using the information gathered during this conversation, we will work to develop a customized plan and budget designed to help you reach more prospects through strategic email marketing.

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