Branding that defines who you truly are and what you really stand for.

Strategic Branding for B2B Companies

So many B2B companies fail to put the proper focus on brand development. There is a common misconception that branding is really something for big B2C product companies like Nike and Apple. The truth is that branding is absolutely critical for B2B companies. Potential customers in the B2B markets want to do business with a company they can trust. In fact, due to the size and length of most B2B engagements, these trust factors are even more important. You need to let your customers know who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

Write The Next Chapter In Your Story

Many people think of branding as logo design, but creating a brand is much more than simply designing a logo. When your customers, employees, and prospects think of your company, your brand paints an image in their mind. Are you trustworthy? Are you trendy? Are you experienced? What is that story? What do you want your customers to say when they think of your company?

Our experienced branding team will help you write the next chapter in your brand story. Working together, we will examine your future goals and define exactly who you are. We will then work with you to create a logo and compelling brand story that tell your employees and customers where you’re headed, not just where you’ve been.


Elements Of Our B2B Branding Process

Business objectives and long-term strategy are the foundation of our branding process. We brand with a purpose and these are the guideposts in the journey to establishing a strong and effective brand.

Lead Nurturing

Market Research

Deep, informative research designed to help you better understand your market and the competitors currently present, with emphasis on identifying key opportunities available to your company.
Automatic Social Media

Internal & External Brand Auditing

A thorough examination of how you’re currently viewed in the marketplace by your customers, competitors, and employees providing you with the fuel needed to shift that narrative.

Visioning & Brand Direction

Understand where your company is headed. Answer the critical questions about the short-term and long-term vision for your company and how your brand story aligns with this vision.

Brand Naming

A guided process of finding a strong name that properly tells your brand story. The right name will help establish the credibility of your company with prospective customers.

Logo Development

Your logo says a tremendous amount about your company. It is often the first way that people are exposed to your brand and it is one of the things that sticks in their mind. We help you create a clean, professional, and engaging logo that tells your brand story.

Brand Platform Development

Your logo is just part of your brand story. Your brand platform includes your colors, your photography, your icons, and so much more. It is what gives your brand dimension, and our team will help you define a layered brand platform that can adapt to every context.

Corporate Messaging

Beyond the visual elements of a brand is your written story. How do you describe your company? How do you describe your services? What do you stand for? We help establish the precise language that will properly tell your brand story.

Brand Application

Beyond the brand are your marketing materials. Your brand story must be carried across your website, print materials, and online advertising and our team will help apply your brand to every corner of your company.

Brand Transformation

Have an existing brand that has been struggling? Do you need a refresh? We can help you redefine your existing brand platform and work to evolve it into something that represents your future and not your past.
Let’s Talk About Your B2B Brand Strategy
Our expert branding team is standing by and ready to help transform your branding.

Every business is unique. Our team will meet with you to better understand your brand development needs and work to create a custom package to meet your unique needs.

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