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Marketing automation is a transformational force for B2B marketing and sales teams. Marketing automation provides businesses with a whole new level of personalized communication, delivered in a way that actually takes less manpower to achieve.

Imagine having a sales conversation with a prospect at the exact point in time when they’re on your website looking at a product, or sending a personalized text to a customer following the delivery of their order. These types of personalized, thoughtful messages are what really make a company stand out, but there is no way that your staff can monitor and maintain all of your communication channels 24×7. With marketing automation, all of this is possible and so much more. 

Marketing Automation Brings Massive Benefits To Both Sales & Marketing

Marketing automation can influence the entire B2B marketing funnel. From the first contact with a prospect all the way through repurchases from customers, marketing automation has the ability to help your sales & marketing teams be more effective.



Our Favorite B2B Marketing Automation Tools

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Marketing Automation Is An Integral Part of B2B Marketing

At Zipline, we have a variety of B2B marketing programs. Each of these programs has its own recipe, but marketing automation is a critical component of every single one. 


Account-Based Marketing

Land high-value leads by targeting prospects with laser-focused marketing.

Demand Generation

Create an insatiable demand for your products and services.

Inbound Marketing

Use a variety of content and resources to attract the attention of your prospects.

Strategic Lead Generation

Fill your sales pipeline with a steady flow of leads through targeted marketing.

Every B2B Company Can Benefit From Marketing Automation

We have never encountered a company or process that couldn’t benefit from marketing automation. There are countless ways that your business can be automated, but here are a few ideas:

Lead Nurturing


Send targeted messages to prospects during the sales process to help build awareness for your brand and capabilities.

Increase Traffic

to Customers

Tell existing customers about products or services they haven’t purchased but should based on their previous activity.

Lead Follow-Up


Immediately provide a new lead with resources to keep them focused on you and not shopping competitors.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Cart Reminder

Don’t let sales walk away. Follow up with customers that didn’t complete their purchase to encourage them to finish the transaction.


After an order or job is complete send automated messages to show your customers
that you care.

Automatic Social Media

Social Media

Automate posts and even critical communication like thanking a customer for a purchase on social media.

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