B2B Marketing Blueprint

The perfect foundation for your new B2B marketing program.

A Comprehensive B2B Marketing Roadmap

The B2B Marketing Blueprint from Zipline B2B Marketing is the perfect place to start if you’re on the hunt for a more effective B2B marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure where to start. This highly personalized experience connects your sales, marketing, and leadership teams directly with our top strategists.

During this 2-week experience, we will work together to analyze current data, identify key opportunities, and bust through any roadblocks holding you back.

The B2B Marketing Blueprint Is A Great Fit If…..

Our B2B Marketing Blueprint Process

The B2B Marketing Blueprint Process has been carefully designed to uncover your ideal marketing strategy. Over a two-week period, our top strategists will engage with your leadership, sales, and marketing teams to develop a firm understanding of your goals, aspirations, and challenges.

Days 1-5
Our top strategists will interview and survey your leadership, sales, and marketing teams to collect key information about what is working and what can be improved with your current marketing process. Careful attention is paid to the entire funnel to better understand how leads are being attracted, nurtured, closed, and evangelized.
Days 1-5
Day 6
Based on the results of the survey, our strategists will lead a workshop for your team that will help you work together to break through the problems and challenges that are keeping you from crushing your goals. We will also take a deep dive into potential marketing strategies to discuss how those methodologies could positively impact your organization.
Day 6
Days 7-9
Blueprint Development
Using the survey and interview data as well as the collaborative inputs from the workshop, our team will create a concise, action-packed marketing blueprint that explores your client personas and identifies the best way to target these ideal prospects. The completed marketing blueprint will provide a step by step outline to take you from where you are to where you need to be to achieve your desired business outcomes.
Days 7-9
Day 10
Our team will present the completed B2B Marketing Blueprint to your team. We will walk through each step, method, and the reasoning behind the recommendations. We will also provide coaching advice designed to help your team operate in sync as the plan is achieved.
Day 10
Day 11+
Get It Done!
The B2B Marketing Blueprint is yours to keep, as is all of the knowledge gained in the process. If you would like assistance implementing the plan we’re here and happy to help with some or all of the elements contained within your personalized plan.
Day 11+

Your B2B Marketing Blueprint Team

Work directly with our top marketing strategists.

Zipline has a number of talented Marketing strategists and they’re all led by Ryan Stemkoski.

Ryan and his team will work directly with you throughout the B2B Marketing Blueprint process and you will have direct access to a variety of Zipline team members and area experts throughout.

Ryan Stemkoski, MBA

Ryan Stemkoski, MBA

Creative Technologist
  • 15+ Years of Direct B2B Marketing Experience
  • 10+ Years as a Collegiate Marketing Professor
  • Experienced B2B Chief Marketing Officer
  • Google Adwords & Google Analytics Certified Expert
Inbound Marketing

Your B2B Marketing Blueprint Investment

Charge forward with a clear strategy and plan of action.

The investment in our B2B Marketing Blueprint can save you tens of thousands and dollars and years of headaches, confusion, and missed opportunities by putting everything on the table right now. No more battles between sales and marketing. No more lost vision. Get your leadership, marketing, and sales teams operating in sync.

This B2B Marketing Blueprint Process will help you condense years of testing, discovery, and heartache into a two-week intensive process, and help you clear the way for organizational success.

B2B Marketing Blueprint

Full Blueprint Process

$ 5000
  • Surveys and Interviews w/ Key Team Members
  • 4-5 Hour Workshop & Strategy Session
  • Development of Key Customer Personas
  • Outline of Key Threats & Obstacles
  • Analysis of Current Marketing

Common B2B Marketing Blueprint Questions

The most commonly asked questions regarding the B2B Marketing Blueprint.

The $5000 includes all of the standard costs to complete the surveys, workshops, and analysis including all staff and software costs.

Many clients choose to conduct the workshop portion in-person. We are happy to travel to lead your workshop in-person but travel costs will apply. 

The $5000 does not include the costs to implement your strategy. Those costs vary widely from industry to industry but we will make budget recommendations within your B2B Marketing Blueprint. You are not committed to any future spend.

The B2B Marketing Blueprint relies on input from your team. We try to minimize the impact as much as possible but you can expect that your team members will invest 30 minutes in the survey process, 1-2 hours during the interview process, 4-5 hours in the workshop process, and 1-2 hours in the presentation process. Not all team members are required to be present for all portions and you can invite users at your discretion. We do encourage a broad collection of team members to get the most useful input.

We believe it is important to have representatives from your leadership, sales, and marketing teams present throughout the process. Successful B2B lead generation takes a concerted effort between all of these teams.

Yes, the final plan is yours to keep and use as desired. You can engage with our team to help implement some or all of the plan or you use it however you would like. Regardless of whether you engage with Zipline for your long-term marketing implementation or not, the plan will provide tremendous value for your marketing and sales teams.

We believe that you will be thrilled with the plan and the process. Our team has more than 30 years of experience working in the B2B marketing arena and we have successfully led this process countless times. We are so confident that you will receive more than $5000 in value from the plan, we guarantee it. If for any reason you feel you did not get full value then we simply ask you to pay whatever you feel the process was worth to your organization.

You’re welcome to reach out at any time. Whether we connect for a long-term engagement or not, our team will be here to help. If you run into questions or need clarification on elements of the B2B Marketing Blueprint you will have direct access to connect with Ryan and his team for advice and recommendations for as long as you need.

Let’s Start Your B2B Marketing Blueprint

Our strategists are standing by and ready to get started.

If you think that the B2B Marketing Blueprint may be a good fit for your organization contact us today. We will happily answer any questions and help you get the process started!

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