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We help B2B companies that are struggling to fill their pipeline with quality leads generate insatiable demand for their products and services using a unique & proven, laser-focused digital marketing process.

Run Of The Mill Digital Marketing
Simply Doesn't Work For B2B Companies

If you’re here, the statement above is probably not shocking to you. You have probably built a website or two and run some Google Ads only to find that the quality of leads you’ve gotten (if you got any) is atrocious, and they just aren’t the kind of prospects you really want to work with.

Traditional digital marketing methods work great if you’re selling a $15 t-shirt. However, if you’re selling a $15 million shipment of widgets or trying to forge a partnership with a potential vendor, your prospects DO NOT shop the same way they would for a t-shirt. So why are you using these same strategies to market your B2B company?


7 B2B Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The Challenges Of B2B Marketing
Require A More Strategic Approach

B2B marketing is different. Sales cycles are longer, more decision-makers are involved, and closing the deal is much more challenging.


The average B2B sale takes 7-10 touches.

Most B2B marketers give up after only 2 touches, but the average sales lead takes 7-10 touches to move to the point of consideration and that is just the beginning of your relationship.

12-14 decision-makers have a say in a B2B sale.

When closing a B2B sale you have to convince the entire team, not just a prospect. A variety of team members will have a stake in the project and you must market to the whole team.
B2B Sales Cycle Icon

B2B sales cycles average 4-7 months

Higher price tags, more complicated implementations, and more decision-makers result in the B2B sales cycle being longer and more complex. You must keep your prospects engaged through each stage.
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Clients are looking at a lot more than just your website.

Your website is a critical component of your B2B marketing mix but your prospects are researching your entire company to read reviews and develop an understanding of exactly what you provide.
B2B Buyer Icon

B2B buyers are 57% of the way to a decision before reaching out.

B2B prospects perform much of their research online. Your website and content marketing must thoroughly tell your story and effectively sell your company so that you’re not eliminated before you get an at-bat.

67% of the B2B buyer’s journey happens online.

Having a prospect reach out is not the end of the process. You must continue to market and court that B2B lead with quality content and communication throughout the sales process.

Start Generating Serious Demand

Zipline helps B2B companies just like yours overcome the unique challenges of B2B marketing and generate demand for their products & services through strategic digital marketing. We would love to explore how we can help your business attract more new prospects and convert more new accounts.

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