Demand Generation

Leverage strategic marketing to create an insatiable demand for your products and services.

Demand Generation

What Is B2B Demand Generation?

B2B demand generation is a data-driven approach that can be leveraged to create awareness and interest for your products and services through a variety of marketing channels. Our demand generation process accounts for every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey, leading them from initial awareness through the entirety of the customer relationship.

Demand Generation Is A Great Fit If...


What Is The Difference Between Demand Generation And Lead Generation?

The primary difference between lead generation and demand generation is that demand generation is not always focused on generating a lead. Demand generation builds awareness and nurtures a prospect through a series of micro-conversions that help inform and qualify the prospect. Lead generation is often an important part of this journey but it is just one aspect of the greater demand generation process.

How Our Demand Generation Program Works

Develop Buyer Personas
Step 1: Develop Buyer Personas
We work with your sales, marketing, and management teams to establish exactly who your prospects are. What products align with what audiences? What questions are your prospects asking? What are their challenges? Where do they spend their time? What other products do they own? These types of questions help us develop actionable profiles that we can use to target your ideal prospects.
Develop Buyer Personas
Outline The Purchasing Process
Step 2: Outline The Purchasing Process
Once we know who is buying, we'll take a deeper look at the purchasing process. We work to understand which decision-makers are part of the process and what questions or objections commonly occur during the process so they can be effectively answered or countered.
Outline The Purchasing Process
Develop A Content Plan
Step 3: Develop A Content Plan
Using the personas we’re targeting and their motivators, we'll develop a detailed content strategy and map that will guide prospects from first awareness through re-purchase, taking into account the entire purchasing process. This content map will outline specific messages and pieces that need to be developed to successfully attract and nurture your ideal prospects.
Develop A Content Plan
Execute The Content Plan
Step 4: Execute On The Content Plan
The next step is the biggest; creating and implementing the content. Our team will work with your staff to write and design the necessary content marketing elements and companion web pages, landing pages, advertisements, downloads, and other resources. We will also help map and implement advertising, search engine optimization, and marketing automation systems to distribute the content elements.
Execute The Content Plan
Measure, Learn, And Iterate
Step 5: Measure, Learn, And Iterate
Every advertisement, message, and touchpoint will be tracked. The insights gained will be used to enhance and improve the messaging and refine the audience. Audience interactions and engagements will also be tracked providing your sales team with real-time data into a prospect’s current level of interest and engagement.
Measure, Learn, And Iterate

Demand Generation Is One Element Of A Full Funnel B2B Marketing Program

At Zipline, we have a variety of B2B marketing programs. Whether you’re looking for simple lead generation, want to increase brand awareness amongst your prospects, or want to laser-target strategic accounts, we can develop a custom strategy that will help you maximize your success.


Account-Based Marketing

Land high-value leads by targeted prospects with laser-focused marketing.

Demand Generation

Create an insatiable demand for your products and services.

Inbound Marketing

Use a variety of content and resources to attract the attention of your prospects.

Strategic Lead Generation

Fill your sales pipeline with a steady flow of leads through targeted marketing.

Not sure how to start? Let’s create a B2B Marketing Blueprint

If you’re looking for a fresh B2B marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure where to start, the B2B Marketing Blueprint is the perfect place to begin. This highly personalized experience connects your sales, marketing, and leadership teams directly with our top strategists. During this 2-week experience, we will work together to analyze current data, identify key opportunities, and bust through any roadblocks holding you back. 

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