A new website for Puyallup’s Popular Wicked Pie Pizza

Wicked Pie Pizza is the culmination of over 50 years of family recipes, hard work, and ingenuity. Eating a Wicked Pie Pizza is like tasting art. The sauce is slow-cooked. The whole milk mozzarella cheese is fresh. The dough is made daily and tossed by hand. Every pizza that comes out of the oven is both beautiful and delicious. Nestled into a 1900s brick building on Puyallup’s popular Meridian street, Wicked Pie Pizza is a favorite destination for locals and tourists. It is fun, unique, traditional and modern all at the same time. Randy and his family have built a true gem, that as one Yelp reviewer put it, is “one of the best additions to Puyallup in over a decade.”

That is why when it came time to create an online experience for Wicked Pie Pizza, the Anderson family called Zipline. We had already worked together on a new online experience for New York Vinny’s Pizza, a chain of pizza restaurants owned by the Anderson family. That was a success so they knew that our team would be able to handle the challenge of creating an online experience for Wicked Pie Pizza that captures the unique experience you get when you step through the door.

Wicked Pie Pizza Photo Gallery

We worked together to plan and design a new website for Wicked Pie Pizza that balances simplicity with elegance. Powered by WordPress, the new Wicked Pie Pizza website has all of the bells and whistles including an integration with their restaurant management software that makes it a breeze to order online.

The new website is online now. If you would like to check it out, head on over to wickedpiepizza.com.

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