Facebook Testing the Ability to Tag Products in Posts and Images

An exciting new feature may be on the way from Facebook. It was confirmed in September that Facebook was in the midst of experimenting with a new “product tagging” feature. Details about the new feature have finally started to surface in news feeds. Product tagging allows page owners to tag the products that are showcased in their photos, videos, and posts.

As you can see in the example on the left, the “Premium Classic DUDE. be nice Tee” appears on the woman in the photograph and as a tagged product directly below. This makes it quick and easy for interested consumers to learn more about the product. Product tagging is supposedly in the works for both Facebook and Instagram.

It is still unclear how Facebook will implement product tagging on a broad basis. Facebook has confirmed that this feature is in the works, and has suggested that it will be organic (implying that there is no cost associated with tagging products). Product tagging has generated a lot of buzz among advertisers, so it won’t come as a surprise if Facebook rolls out paid upgrades to certain aspects of the feature. Product tagging may evolve into something that is combined with paid advertising in order to provide added value to advertisers.

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