A new BigCommerce site for Alaska’s famous Copper River Fleece

Alaska’s famous Copper River Fleece was born and raised in Cordova, a charming coastal Alaskan fishing village surrounded by mountains, rivers, glaciers and a myriad of diverse inhabitants. Inspired by the beauty of their spectacular surroundings, Copper River Fleece developed designs through the input and feedback of the local community. With help from hikers, skiers, fisherman, kayakers, and other supporters, Copper River Fleece has designed garments and accessories that reflect the uniqueness and diversity of the vibrant Copper River region. Their beautiful handcrafted garments have become a must-have item for Alaska tourists and residents.

E-commerce has been an important sales channel for Copper River Fleece for quite some time. Unfortunately, the system that had served them successfully for a number of years was unable to keep up with the growing company. With e-commerce being a primary sales channel, the owners of Copper River Fleece knew that selecting the right platform and design partner was critical. After a long process, Zipline B2B Marketing emerged as the right company to help update the website and platform. We were selected because of our understanding of both e-commerce conversion optimization and our experience with search engine optimization. The team at Copper River Fleece knew we were the right partner to redesign their website while maintaining the search engine rank they had spent years establishing.

We worked closely with the team at Copper River Fleece to select the right e-commerce platform, eventually landing on BigCommerce due to its robust feature set and integration capabilities. Our team then set out to create a new custom BigCommerce theme that captures the unique design style that the Copper River Fleece brand is known for. The entire website has been conversion optimized and designed to capture the attention of users and encourage them to take action.

Check out the new BigCommerce website for Copper River Fleece online at:

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