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A new website. A new era.

Very early in the days of Zipline, the Spokane Symphony took a chance on us and became one of our first clients. During the past 12 years, we have worked together on numerous projects including a website redesign for the primary Symphony website, a new website for the Fox Theater, yearly season-based microsites, and a variety of other digital marketing projects.

As a non-profit, it is important to the Symphony to ensure that every dollar spent on technology is well spent. We worked together in 2007 to design and develop a cutting-edge website that could work for the Symphony for an extended period of time. The website we created provided about 10 years of service, helping to facilitate thousands of transactions including single tickets sales, season pass purchases, and donations. With the average website lasting only 3-5 years, we are proud the Symphony was able to get so much value from the website we helped them create.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. With major shifts in Internet technology, 2016 became the final year for the last iteration of the Symphony website. Our team has spent the last few months working closely with the Symphony marketing and administration teams to plan and design a brand new website solution that offers the same world-class experience Symphony patients experience in the seats, online.

The new Spokane Symphony website comes with a completely redesigned, responsive layout, an updated site structure, improved donation and ticketing functionality, and dozens of other new features that make learning about the Symphony almost as enjoyable as being at the Symphony. The new website is fully content managed and powered by our ZLCMS content management system.

To view the live website or buy tickets you can visit the Spokane Symphony online at http://www.spokanesymphony.org.

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