Are better, more responsive Adwords Ads on the way?

Given how long Google has been a champion of mobile, it is inevitable that the internet juggernaut will provide better support for responsive ads. Google’s forced encouragement of users to migrate to mobile in 2015 signaled a major push toward mobile support. Their introduction of AMP may change the landscape of how mobile websites are produced. Despite all of Google’s innovations, Adwords and Google’s Display Network have lagged behind in support for responsive ads. Basic responsive ads were released in July, but they do not provide enough flexibility to effectively handle more complex campaigns.

What exactly has tipped us off that Google may be enhancing their responsive ad support? Google has signaled the shift by requiring two images sizes in some accounts and in some instances. In addition to the landscape 1.91:1 size, Google is also requesting a square 1:1 image. Many search experts believe this is the first glimpse of new responsive ads that are soon to be unleashed on the world. A representative from Google Adwords has confirmed Google will be introducing new features for responsive ads, but it has not been confirmed that the new ad sizes are linked to this report.

We will keep an eye on the new ad sizes as details evolve, and begin rolling it into client campaigns as soon as it is tested and available. As always, if you have any questions about responsive ads or how search advertising can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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