Bodine Electric Company’s Improved Website Gets in Motion

You may not have heard of Bodine Electric Company, but as the world’s largest producer of electric gearmotors, you have almost certainly used their products. For over a century, Bodine has been the true pioneers of the electric motor industry, creating the literal driving force behind jukeboxes, atom smashers, and everything in between. In the late 1950s, they supplied the motor for what would become the first Xerox machine, and today they are working on a variety of cutting-edge products that will power the tools and robots of the future.

Bodine Electric Company - Website Homepage

When it was time to update its website, Bodine looked to Zipline to create something just as innovative. Our team went to work to create a new website for Bodine that provides engineers and their purchasing agents with the content and tools they need to make informed product purchases, get the most from the products they already own, and encourage customers to purchase more through innovative suggestive selling.

Bodine Electric already had a strong logo and color scheme for us to work with, but our design team was able to push their site to new levels of functionality and visual appeal. Their old homepage had a tendency to create challenging user experiences due to the narrow design scheme and a layout that made browsing product offerings feel like browsing a thick paper catalog. Now, products are much easier to search for and can easily be navigated and searched. The site is also optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices making it easy for customers to find what they need regardless of the device they’re using.

Bodine Electric Company - Products

It’s great to have an exceptionally readable and visually appealing website, but it’s nothing without a clear connection to your business goals. With that in mind, Zipline also revitalized Bodine’s e-commerce components. Now, not only is it easier for new and existing customers to place orders and request quotes but we’ve integrated detailed reporting that makes it a breeze for Bodine to stay on top what is happening throughout the website.

The new Bodine website is online now. You can visit them at, then call Zipline when you’re ready for a revenue-boosting website revamp of your own.

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