Learn how Zipline helped the folks at VMRD consolidate a network of websites into a single, seamless online experience.

VMRD_Interior_v2VMRD develops and manufactures veterinary diagnostic test kits and related reagents for distribution in more than 55 countries. Founded in 1981 by Dr. Scott Adams, DVM, PhD, VMRD has grown to a team over over 50 researchers and lab technicians. This talented VMRD team has a global impact on improvements in animal welfare through the diagnostic laboratories, animal producers, veterinary vaccine manufacturers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and veterinarians who use the many products and services pioneered by VMRD.

VMRD originally hired Zipline B2B Marketing to help transition their previous website built by another provider, into our ZLCMS content management system. After experiencing the power of full scale content management, VMRD hired our team for two subsequent projects. The first was to construct a robust content managed extranet. The second was to reimagine their entire online experience. In doing so, we merged multiple existing websites and the new extranet into one seamless and consistently branded experience. This new website experience makes it quick and easy for VMRD customers to find the products, services, and information they need. This new experience is also responsive, which means that it is just as quick and easy to find what you’re looking for on your mobile device as it is on your desktop computer, thanks to uniquely targeted device specific experiences.

Visit the new VMRD site online at: http://www.vmrd.com.

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