Ventry Solutions is saving time and reaching new customers with Shopify.

ventry_interior-01Founded in 1972, Ventry Solutions manufactures a wide range of fan and lighting products designed to operate in the world’s toughest environments. Their high reliability product line is popular with firefighters, construction companies, and other tough industrial customers.

Prior to hiring Zipline B2B Marketing, the Ventry website was managed using Adobe Dreamweaver. While this had worked for a number of years, it was no longer practical with the growth of the organization and the evolution of how users access information online. The forward-thinking marketing team at Ventry Solutions knew they needed a website that had a more robust product catalog, better search tools, and most importantly, a complete mobile experience.

Zipline B2B Marketing was hired to help Ventry solve these problems. We did this by creating a custom Shopify theme designed specifically for Ventry Solutions. This custom theme takes full advantage of the Shopify content management system with one small exception, instead of checking out through the standard Shopify funnel, users are directed to purchase from a dealer. When users arrive at the product they would like to purchase, they are routed to an interface where they can find an area dealer where they can complete their purchase. This allows Ventry to reach new customers using the many tools and resources available in Shopify while still using their dealer distribution business model.

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