Looking to escape to the coast? Plan a trip to Ocean Shores

The City of Ocean Shores had its beginnings before recorded history. The area now known as the Point Brown peninsula was used by the various local tribes for trading and other purposes. The Chinook, Chehalis, and Quinault Tribes used the area, as well as others that now make up the Quinault Indian Nation. In 1929, the land that makes up the City of Ocean Shores became a ranch and was actively farmed until it was sold to the Ocean Shores Development Corporation in 1960.

Shortly after its purchase, the Ocean Shores Development Corporation went to work creating 25 miles of canals, a six-hole golf course, and a shopping area. The mall, 100 motel units, three restaurants, and airstrip were added shortly after and the marina followed in 1963. Today, Ocean Shores is a bustling oceanfront community that is a draw for tourists from around the world. A popular vacation destination for people from all over the Pacific Northwest, Ocean Shores features tons of shops, activities, restaurants, and places to stay. The community is still under heavy development with new vacation homes and businesses going in all over the peninsula.

The Ocean Shores Tourism Association recognized that with all the activity, it was time to update its online experience. With heavy growth in mobile usage, major changes to the infrastructure of the town, and new technology available, the City of Ocean Shores knew the time had come to make some major changes to the existing tourism website. To find the right provider, the City of Ocean Shores issued an RFP. They recognized that they needed a team that could provide not only a technical solution, but a well designed technical solution. After a lengthy process, Zipline B2B Marketing was awarded the project and we went straight to work.

Our team worked closely with the City of Ocean Shores and the Ocean Shores Tourism to plan and design a new website solution that was able to make use of their existing database infrastructure while providing a fresh and modern user interface. The new website is powered by our ZLCMS system and features a fully responsive experience. Our team was also engaged to help with photography for the project and we captured hundreds of beautiful images that help bring the feeling of the beach to the web.

If you are tired of winter and want to think about your summer vacation, you can visit the new Ocean Shores Tourism website which is online now. Start planning your trip today!

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