Pinnacle Investigations gets a new look and a new website for 2017

Pinnacle Investigations was founded in 1987 as a private investigation firm by Spokane’s first female police officer, Sandra Brewer. Over the past 30 years, Pinnacle has evolved to become a premium provider of accurate, timely and compliant background reports to aid clients in building a safe, secure workplace. Pinnacle’s premium background reporting services are used by all types of customers including small regional businesses, large multi-national corporations, and even nuclear power plants. These companies trust Pinnacle to verify the background and eligibility of their applicants and employees.

Pinnacle hired Zipline B2B Marketing to re-think their branding and website. As a company, Pinnacle had grown and innovated significantly to the point where their old branding and marketing materials didn’t fit them anymore. We developed a new brand that better represents the quality and technological innovation of the company. We then carried that brand through key marketing materials and a brand new ZLCMS-powered website. The new Pinnacle website features a host of helpful features including the ability for customers to quickly and easily purchase background checks online. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, Pinnacle customers can set a background check in motion.

You can visit the newly launched Pinnacle Investigations website at

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