Project Beauty Share is ready for its closeup

Nearly every woman can relate to the twinge of guilt that comes from letting perfectly good makeup sit on the shelf because it isn’t quite the right shade or throwing out high-end face lotion because it clashes with their combination skin. But women in the Inland Northwest can avoid that guilt and support the greater good by donating those products to Project Beauty Share®. Founded by Spokane beauty expert Julie Farley, Project Beauty Share® is a nonprofit organization committed to building confidence and positive self-image within local communities by collecting new and gently used beauty products and distributing them among dozens of local organizations that provide women in need with direct, practical support.

As their success grew, Project Beauty Share® wanted to establish a web presence with an aesthetic that would reflect their values, offering a clean, modern twist on traditional femininity. But beauty is only skin deep, even when it comes to websites, so Julie and her team entrusted Zipline to create a site that would project the right look and feel while also providing advanced nonprofit management features that allow their supporters to make donations from the website.

By studying Project Beauty Share®’s specific needs and listening to their requests, we have developed a fabulous WordPress-based site that looks great and provides an exceptional user experience. Visitors can learn about Project Beauty Share®, make financial contributions, locate their nearest product donation drop-off, and volunteer to serve, all from within one seamless and centralized interface..

To learn more about Project Beauty Share®’s inspiring work and how you can help it continue, visit their Zipline-designed website at

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