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EH Metal Recycling is a really interesting and unique company. Based in Vancouver, WA, EH Metal Recycling specializes in scrap metal and electronic recycling. Its mission is to protect our planet’s natural resources through reuse and recycling. To EH, recycling metal products is more than just a means to a profit–improving environmental sustainability is the ultimate goal.

After a careful selection process EH Metals hired Zipline B2B Marketing to assist with the development its new website. EH was looking for a vendor that could help develop clear user funnels that allowed potential customers to quickly understand the process and accepted items. They also needed a website that was easy to find and ranked well in search engines. Based on our extensive experience in both of these areas, Zipline was the perfect choice.

Using WordPress, our team worked closely with EH Metal Recycling to design and develop a website that provides clear and easily navigable paths for users but also looks fantastic. The new EH Metal Recycling website is much easier for customers to use by helping them easily identify what products are accepted, which items are not, and how the process works. The new website has helped to decrease confusion and frustration amongst customers and made it much easier for potential customers to discover EH Metal Recycling.

If you would like to learn more about EH Metal Recycling visit them online at:

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