MiracleCord streamlines with a new Salesforce enabled website

MiracleCord is one of the leading cord blood banks in the United States and one of only 3 with the AABB accreditation. With over two decades of experience and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, MiracleCord is truly the best option for those interested in banking stem cells for future medical treatment. Known for their TimeCritical® processing, MiracleCord has a unique ability to process umbilical cord blood and cord tissue specimens within 12 hours post-collection, a process that yields significantly more viable stem cells; making them the clear best option for customers.

MiracleCord has been a Zipline customer for nearly 8 years.  We first engaged to help solve some Authorize.net related issues, but our relationship quickly grew from there. We worked together on the last iteration of the MiracleCord website, helped maintain and grow it, and when it came time to rebuild,  our team again took on the task.

Building the new MiracleCord website was no easy task. With a complicated and robust purchasing process, some significant custom development was required. Our team worked with MiracleCord to design and develop a custom, responsive, ZLCMS-powered website solution that makes it quick and easy for customers to purchase, while also providing MiracleCord with a robust set of tools for managing orders. A deep Salesforce integration syncs order and account data between Salesforce and the website, helping to create a single seamless experience. A trackable set of dynamic landing pages allow robust digital campaigns to be easily focused and tracked throughout the sales process.


Visit MiracleCord online today to view the new website. While you’re there, spend some time learning about their fantastic service. It might be the right fit for someone close to you.

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