Zipline B2B Marketing helps Visual Orthodontics with a North American product launch

Visual Orthodontics Practice Management Software FeaturesVisual Orthodontics is a unique and extremely powerful practice management software platform, designed for the unique needs of the orthodontic market. Until just recently, Visual Orthodontics has been a confidential development project run by Dan Mihai and his team of healthcare, medical device, and cybersecurity programmers. Visual Orthodontics is the culmination of over 8 years of research, product development, and rigorous testing. Now, after an extensive private beta in the greater Chicago area, this powerful set of tools is available to orthodontists throughout North America.

Launching such a profound product takes a great deal of skill. That is precisely why Visual Orthodontics chose Zipline B2B Marketing to assist with the development of a complete marketing strategy designed to introduce their product to the orthodontic market. This strategy began with a branding process that led to a logo and brand image that demonstrates the beautiful and intuitive interface customers will find within the software. We then worked through the process of planning and developing a complete responsive website solution crafted to help customers explore the detailed list of features available within Visual Orthodontics. The new website features a completely custom WordPress theme and a suite of tools including a robust customer portal.

With the website online and generating business, we are currently hard at work on executing Phase 2 of our marketing strategy which blends traditional PR, SEM, SEO, and SMM strategies to help build awareness of Visual Orthodontics in an extremely competitive marketplace. We have already generated new leads and are excited to see how the campaign grows over the coming months.

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