A Modern Website for One of Spokane’s Most Historic Collection Agencies

CBS Collections was originally founded on August 12, 1903, and is about to enter its 117th year in business. In its history, CBS Collections has seen the credit industry evolve and change, and they have constantly adapted and innovated along with it. Thanks to forward-thinking they have successfully navigated the Great Depression, world wars, the dotcom bust, and soon the COVID-19 lockdown. Through it all, they have continued to provide exceptional service to customers across the United States.

One of the interesting things about CBS Collections that has made it so successful is that the organization doesn’t just care about its customers, CBS cares about its customers’ customers. Debt collection is a tricky business. Doing it gracefully and in a way that helps maintain the customer relationship is nearly unheard of, and that is where CBS Collections excels. CBS takes the time to come up with a solution that best serves all parties involved instead of jumping straight to litigation as so many collection agencies do. This customer-centric approach really makes CBS a unicorn amongst collection agencies, an organization that is looking at collections from a long-term relational standpoint. 


That is exactly how CBS looked at its new website. CBS was looking for a partner that could help create a website that would not only help tell their customer-centric story but a website that would last long-term. They wanted a website they could count on to generate leads for years to come.

CBS Collections hired Zipline because of our experience developing effective, conversion-optimized website experiences for the B2B marketplace. Our team has worked with hundreds of B2B companies to plan, design, and develop online experiences that guide users through the decision-making process, and that is exactly what we helped CBS Collections develop.

The new online experience provides a clear and concise message designed to inform and qualify users. For a visitor to the website, there are no questions as to what CBS Collections does or the types of customers they do it for. There is ample proof they are effective at it and a clear and effortless path to make contact.  Check out the new website for yourself. It is online now at https://www.cbsinfo.com/

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