The Washington Grain Commission Launches a Fresh New Website Experience

Wheat is a $690 million business for the state of Washington. As the nation’s 4th largest wheat producing state, Washington produced a whopping 142.7 million bushels of wheat in 2019. Washington is also the nation’s 4th largest barley producing state, shipping 5.95 million bushels of barley last year. These are some impressive numbers and they represent the livelihood of thousands of Washington residents. The Washington Grain Commission was created in 1958 to support Eastern Washington farmers. The Grain Commission works to forge partnerships locally, regionally, and nationally to support our area farmers.

The Washington Grain Commission is one of the most active and forward-thinking organizations of its kind. Known for its efforts in marketing, research, and education, the Washington Grain Commission is a true leader amongst its peers. As a leader, the organization recognized it needed a new website that was best in class.


After a lengthy review process, the Washington Grain Commission selected Zipline to help with this exciting project. Our unique blend of agriculture and B2B marketing experience was the perfect fit. Our team worked closely with the Washington Grain Commission to plan, design, and develop a brand new WordPress experience that blends their deep educational resources with critical legislative information, tools, and resources.

One of the most exciting things about the new website is the integration of the Washington Grain Association podcast, “Wheat All About It!” This weekly podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the field with a listening audience that reaches far beyond the borders of Washington State. Hosted by Scott Yates from the Washington Grain Commission, the Wheat All About It podcast has more than 175 episodes and is a tremendous resource for anyone associated with the grain industry. Wheat All About It also has a prominent location and some fresh new tools to make it easy to listen to and interact with the podcast built directly into the new website.


If you would like to learn more about the Washington Grain Commission, see some fascinating stats, or check out Wheat All About It, head on over to the new Washington Grain Commission website at

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