A smarter website for RESCUE! the Smarter Pest Control™ company

Even if you don’t recognize the brand name RESCUE!, you will certainly recognize the associated products. The company, founded in 1982, offers a full suite of pest control products, but is most famous for its eye-catching yellowjacket traps. You know, the neon yellow trap you can find hanging from trees, gutters, and just about anywhere else yellowjackets congregate.

While you may recognize the flashy trap, there is a lot more to the RESCUE! story. RESCUE! was founded with the goal of designing and manufacturing the safest and most effective pest control solutions available to homeowners. Today, most products in the pest control industry claim to be safe and healthy, but when RESCUE! entered the marketplace, the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides was still the norm. Through a great deal of testing and analysis, Rod Schneidmiller, the founder and President of Sterling International, RESCUE!’s parent company, developed a reusable fly trap that helped launch the company. Over time RESCUE! was able to gain retail traction, and today its products are sold nationwide in retail stores like Walmart and Ace Hardware.

RESCUE! reached out to Zipline for assistance in developing a new website. Their team was looking for something that was as beautiful and innovative as their products, and could do a better and faster job of helping customers find the products and resources they needed to get the most from their RESCUE! experience.

Our team worked with the RESCUE! marketing team to analyze the problems that were currently impacting the website. We analyzed the design, functionality, and visitor browsing patterns. Using this data, we developed a new digital strategy that better routed users based on where they were in the purchasing process. Visitors can easily browse by product or pest, making it easy to locate just the right product. Customers can also easily find a local or online dealer that offers that product to help close the purchasing loop.

One of the coolest features of the new RESCUE! website is that it is smarter than your average site. The website analyzes where a visitor is physically located. Based on their browsing activity, the website will actually show different information that is more relevant to the user. The pests that impact Texas, California, and Washington are different at different times of the year. Website components like the homepage slideshow and pest alerts are now geared towards a user based on their physical location, so that the right information gets to the right user at the right time, increasing the level of customer service provided by the website, and of course helping to sell more of the right product.

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