Issaquah Schools Foundation Goes Interactive

The Issaquah Schools Foundation is a great organization dedicated to advancing academic achievement, supporting struggling students, promoting professional development, and connecting students to their future. In partnership with the Issaquah School District, Issaquah Schools Foundation (ISFDN) helps all students achieve the promise of their potential. ISFDN is a unifying organization that enables the Issaquah School District to provide access to exceptional opportunities district-wide that ignite learning, improve educational outcomes and prepare all students to be confident, competent and engaged citizens.

Issaquah Schools Foundation hired Zipline B2B Marketing to develop a new online experience. The organization wanted to showcase the myriad of programs and opportunities it has available. We worked closely with the marketing team to dream and design a unique and engaging online experience that allows visitors to visually browse and explore the website. Powered by our ZLCMS system, the website is also simple for the ISFDN staff to keep up-to-date.

Visit the new Issaquah Schools Foundation website online at and if you happen to live in the Issaquah area you can learn how you can get involved.

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