Cerium Networks explodes out of the box

Cerium Networks is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most respected providers of unified communications and technology services. With 9 offices and more than 175 employees, they have the experience and capacity to tackle any job. Not only that, Cerium has also aligned with the best and most innovative manufacturers in the business giving them incredible capacity and access to design the perfect solution for customers regardless of their size or requirements.

When it comes to planning a solution, Cerium doesn’t put its customers in a box. And now, with the development of its new website, Cerium didn’t want to be put into a box either. The previous Cerium website built on Silverstripe worked well but was difficult to manage and lacked the dynamic flexibility that the Cerium marketing department needed to build landing pages and other marketing assets. In addition, Cerium went into the project recognizing they wanted to up their online marketing game. To do so, they knew they needed a new website that was better designed to lead potential customers through every step of the purchasing funnel.

Cerium selected Zipline B2B Marketing to help with the project because of our extensive experience in online marketing and funnel driven website design. Our team worked closely with Cerium to plan and design a new website that not only looks great but helps lead potential customers through the buying process. The new website was strategically optimized for search and paid online advertising with a number of different carefully engineered entry points and conversion paths.

The new edition of the Cerium website is also powered by WordPress providing the Cerium marketing team with a tremendous amount of flexibility in page layout and customization all through a suite of simple drag and drop tools. Best of all, as these pages are constructed, the experience is being optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet all at once making it easy to create effective pages that are platform agnostic.

The new Cerium website is now online and has already attracted a number of high-value leads. You can visit the new website online at https://ceriumnetworks.com. If you would like to start getting more leads from your business website you can contact us today.

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