Divcon Construction Tilts Up a New Website

Divcon construction is a well-known and highly respected full service contractor based right here in the Inland Northwest. Recognized as a leader in the tilt-up construction methodology, Divcon is the go to source for high-end commercial buildings across the Spokane region. Divcon has been behind a number of the areas most exciting recent projects including the Iron Bridge Development, the construction of the new NextIT corporate headquarters, the development of the new Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories facility, construction of Playfair commerce park, and many others.

One of the things Divcon is known for is its award-winning design-build services. When they set out to build a new website experience, they wanted an online experience with a solid design that could really showcase the level and quality of the work they’re doing at Divcon. Design plays a critical role in their day-to-day operations and they wanted a website that brought that same level of attention of detail to the web. On top of that, it was critical that the website was modern and able to thoroughly convey the level of innovation Divcon is known for.

Divcon chose Zipline for the project because of our ability to blend form and function to create great looking online experiences that are simple but powerful. We worked closely with their team to build a new online experience that blends the history of their company with modern innovation, creating interest and contrast. This new website experience is not only interesting to browse, but it blends seamlessly with their existing marketing materials, making the perfect complement to what they already have in the marketplace.

Best of all, the new website is powered by WordPress, making it quick and easy for the Divcon team to keep the website up-to-date. New project profiles, testimonials, and news can be added with ease, allowing Divcon to keep the website fresh and active – showcasing the latest and greatest work and happenings.

Visit Divcon Construction online to check out the new website.

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