Medcurity Takes the Confusion out of HIPAA Compliance

Since being signed into law in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has improved the quality of healthcare in America by completely reshaping how insurers interact with medical service providers and their patients. Some of HIPAA’s most sweeping reforms pertain to patients’ privacy rights and the standards providers must maintain to protect them. This is undeniably beneficial to patients, but the law’s specific requirements for providers are so complex and numerous, that it made HIPAA compliance into its own category of professional service provider.

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Medcurity is a web application that has been designed from the ground up to relieve the burden of HIPAA compliance through innovative technology. The vision of two experienced entrepreneurs, Medcurity has been engineered to greatly simplify the process of maintaining HIPAA complaint status for healthcare facilities both large and small.

Medcurity Dashboard

When the team behind Medcurity first reached out to Zipline, they had a great idea for an application but they didn’t have an exact plan. Our team worked closely with them to understand their needs and the unique needs of hospitals and clinics. We then worked closely with the Medcurity team to translate ideas into a fully functional website application that works seamlessly across any time of device from desktops to tablets to phones.

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Regardless of the platform you choose, the Medcurity web app does an incredible job of breaking down the daunting task of HIPAA compliance into a series of questionnaires that should be intuitive and easy to complete for all healthcare admin professionals. And for their legal teams (or admins with a specific interest in legal technicality), each page comes with links to the exact section of HIPAA that it pertains to. These features all add up to the surprisingly simple secret to Medcurity’s success: it allows providers to spend less time on legal compliance and more time caring for their patients.

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