A new and bolder look for the Fox Theater

Originally built in 1931, the Fox Theater is one of Spokane’s most beautiful buildings. A true art deco treasure, the Fox Theater houses the Spokane Symphony and is also home to dozens of concerts, performances, events, and weddings each year. If you’ve experienced this wonderful building then you already have a deep appreciation for the design and detail that went into the original construction and the renovation in 2007. If not, you can enjoy it right now thanks to a wonderful virtual tour, you can reserve a spot on the free monthly building tour, or you can attend one of the many events taking place at the theater.

The Fox Theater / Spokane Symphony has worked with Zipline B2B Marketing since our inception and we’re proud to announce the launch of a new Fox Theater website. This is the second website we’ve had the pleasure of assisting the Fox Theater with. The first was a very popular website which won awards and recognition for its design and creativity, and we’re sure this new website will be just as popular. While the old website looked great, it was developed prior to the invention of responsive design. With significant change in how users browse the Fox Theater website, it became time to develop a mobile-first experience.

The new website features a fresh experience that still integrates the design, bold colors, and bold style of the Fox Theater, but it is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Users can easily browse events and get tickets from any device they choose. We have also made it much easier for users to explore the Fox and learn about the building, its history, and the various services offered.

You can visit the new Fox website online at: http://foxtheaterspokane.org/

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