Spokane Digestive revamps their online presence

Spokane Digestive Center is an independent, patient-focused gastroenterology practice founded in 1978.  As modern medicine is always changing, Spokane Digestive Center prides itself on its ability to stay up to date with the best practices and standards of care for their patients. Spokane Digestive Center offers many diagnostic procedures that can be performed in their main office, as their goal is to provide the best care for their patients from start to finish.

With such outstanding dedication to patient care, Spokane Digestive Center needed a new online presence to reflect their level of professionalism and standard of care. Spokane Digestive Center came to us in 2017 to create a new and improved, patient-oriented website, and a branding package that would reflect their modern approach to medicine.

We worked closely with doctors, nurses, and staff at Spokane Digestive Center to develop a website that gave a sense of who they are at and what sets them apart from other clinics. As a patient-oriented organization, it was important their their new site was created with their patients in mind. Information about various procedures, what to expect, and instructions for before and after procedures were all added to their new and improved site.  Spokane Digestive’s new site also came along with a new domain name, which is now clearer and more precise. Professional headshots were taken for their entire staff and featured on the site to give a more personal touch. In addition to a new and improved site, Spokane Digestive Center received a new logo to match their modern, advanced approach to new medicine.

Spokane Digestive Center’s website is online now.  You can visit it online by going to www.spokanedigestive.com. Check it out!

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