The Diocese of Juneau gets a whole new online experience

The Diocese of Juneau is one of the largest and smallest Dioceses in the United States. With a population of 10,600 it boasts the smallest group of Catholics represented, but with a geographical size of 53,000 square miles in area, it represents a massive geographical region.

The Diocese is located in the Southeastern Panhandle of the State of Alaska and geographically it is strung out along five hundred miles of islands, peninsulas and fjords in an area where the glaciers literally meet the sea.

With such a huge service area, much of which is only reachable by sea or air, the web is a critical tool for the Diocese of Juneau. The Diocese of Juneau uses the web as the primary tool to share information about programs and initiatives. For the past 5+ years they have done this through a Zipline designed, ZLCMS-powered website. While that website has served the organization well, it became time to redesign the website to take advantage of the new advances in web technology.

The Diocese of Juneau partnered with Zipline B2B Marketing for a second time. Excited, our team worked closely with the Diocese of Juneau to create a brand new website that represented the current direction of the organization. During the process, we added a number of powerful new features, enhanced and updated some older features, and provided a full responsive experience that makes the website the perfect tool for all web visitors regardless of whether they use desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

The new website is now online and you can visit it at

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