Evergreen Funding launches a new site and business

Most business financing comes from institutions like big banks and corporations, that aren’t in touch with the modern entrepreneur. They move slow and are difficult to work with. Evergreen Funding is different. Founded by a pair of seasoned entrepreneurs, Evergreen Funding is built from the ground up to make the lending process as transparent and efficient as possible. No hidden terms, no hidden fees, and a straightforward process makes working with Evergreen Funding a pleasure. They deeply understand manufacturing, wholesale, staffing, transportation, oilfield, and service-based businesses and have special tools and options designed for each of these industries, making the process even more efficient. Evergreen Funding Evergreen Funding hired Zipline to help with the development of its first website. As a new business and an online focused business, it was critical to Evergreen to select a vendor that could create a website that was more than an online brochure. They needed a website that actually helped to attract and convert new business. How it Works from Evergreen Funding That is exactly what we created! We worked with the Evergreen team to build a WordPress powered online experience that looks great and moves the needle. The new Evergreen Funding website features a funnel design that is optimized to work in conjunction with a variety of online marketing campaigns to attract, inform, and convert website visitors. The website also features a collection of tools and integrations that streamline operations. One of these is a smooth, custom programmed calculator that allows website visitors to easily estimate their cost and savings when working with Evergreen Funding. The new website Evergreen Funding website is online now. If you would like to check it out, head on over to evgfunding.com.

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